About Corvid Cyberdefense

Cybersecurity drives everything we do.


Founded in 2014, we saw a need to fill a tremendous void in the security space. With cyberattacks at an all-time high and a lack of qualified resources available, we knew organizations needed help. So we created a company to help protect all organizations, regardless of size.

Today we are an award-winning IT security company assisting clients ranging from SMB to Fortune 100, offering advisory, technology, and managed cybersecurity solutions.

Corvid Cyberdefense is the cybersecurity division of Corvid Technologies, a provider of complex, technology-based engineering solutions, known for work in the Department of Defense and automotive industries.

Our mission is to secure confidence in the digital economy. This mission is based on five core beliefs:

5 Core Beliefs


Cybersecurity should be a top priority for every organization.


An affordable and effective cybersecurity solution should be available to all organizations, regardless of size.


Prevention is possible and the primary goal.


Security must be built into every IT solution


Security should be a strategic enabler for a business.

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